Does a Bear Defecate on the Papal Chair?

Things I don’t like about Pope Francis:

That ironic waste of dead trees known as Laudato Si, the long-winded papal encyclical that argued that the world is a pile of garbage, it’s all your fault, and all the governments should band together and take over private industry to fix it. It should have been called Disaster Marxism by Naomi Klein.

He downplayed the ongoing genocide and mass forced conversion of Christians in the Middle East, stating that every religion has its “fundamentalists” and that it is Muslims in the West who are the real victims of the Muslim genocide and mass forced conversion of Christians in the Middle East.

He intimated that it was perfectly understandable that the staff of Charlie Hebdo should be murdered for publishing a picture of Muhammad, comparing it to getting punched for making fun of someone’s mom.

He said “Who am I to judge?” in response to a question as to whether homosexuals should be allowed to be priests. Uh, you’re the pope? You’re allowed to opine? Call me stupid.

As a matter of policy, he downplays the chair of St. Peter by, among other practices, making people call him by his birth name. Sedevacantists already do that, so it would appear His Holiness, er, Jorge, agrees with their position that he’s not the pope.

He said Donald Trump was not a Christian for wanting to build a wall and thus, you know, have a country. It is not racist to enforce borders. Literally every country does it. Well, sovereign countries do it, at least.

He condemned weapons manufacturers as not-Christian. (Except, presumably, the ones who arm his personal brute squad, the elite special forces army known as the Swiss Guard.)

He said Catholics “do not need to breed like rabbits”. Yes, let’s let the Muslims out-breed the Christians, because as every leftist knows, Muslims are morally and theologically superior to literally all Christians everywhere, and no, there is absolutely no consideration of cultural warfare at stake here, amirite, Your Jorgeness?

He made political hay of the bogus “pay gap” claims popularized by the radical feminist left.

He blamed the male sex for the decline in marriage fidelity. (It’s both sexes’ and the church’s fault.)

“Pray for me, and if some of you can’t pray because you are not believers, send me good vibrations.” Way to lead, there, Vicar of Christ.

He says God is without wrath. God does have wrath. Look up any serious Catholic document (i.e., any Judeo-Christian document published between the year 1,000 B.C. and 1958 A.D.)

With all other radical leftists, he maintains that the Crusades were purely an imperialist escapade, and glosses over the fact that the Muslim Turks started it. Yes, the Crusades later descended into nothing but a half-baked free-for-all loot-grab and oppression-capade, but if the Turks hadn’t invaded Asia Minor and Spain in a pincer-grip around mainland Europe, there would never have been a reason to start the Crusades in the first place. It was a defensive move. Without the Crusades, we would all be speaking Arabic. Granted, that would be every leftist’s dream come true, so it’s a matter of perspective.

He acts like every religion is the same. Dude. Folks. You can’t even use the old line “Is the pope Catholic?” in the rhetorical affirmative anymore. You have to go with “Does a bear defecate in the woods?”

He said “God is Father and Mother.” God is male. The church is female. But it’s all the same, right?

This “Year of Mercy” business is a snow job. Nothing but a distraction and empty platitudes. I must admit to looking forward with some anticipation to the Jubilee Year of Blind Vengeance, God willing.

He acts like Europe has done nothing to generously accommodate countless migrants and immigrants, shaming the continent for how little it has done for its guests, who continue to rape and ravage their way through the West, killing homosexuals and raping women en masse in public.

Amoris Laetitia. Another blowhard papal encyclical. It’s 250 pages of merciless mercy. It basically accelerates the destruction of the institution of marriage, the basic unit of civilization, by hemming and hawing and making excuses for divorce, letting you read between the lines until you realize we’re all supposed to treat marriage as unimportant. This is damnable. I mean, that is, if we’re talking about reality, at any rate. If we’re talking about fantasy, then it will surely help civilization by transferring more and more power away from the family and into the loving hands of the State.

He’s opening up the church to women deacons. This is wrong. I don’t expect a standard leftist like His Jorgeness to ever understand why.


  1. A running list of papal offenses can be enjoyed and growled at at The Wild Voice.

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