Five Additional Ways to Pray

Father, I thank you for having heard me. I know that you always hear me but I have said this for the sake of the crowd, that they might believe that you sent me.”

Having said this, he called out loudly:

“Lazarus! Come out!”

John 11:41-43

We are, as Charles Dickens would put it, recalled to life when we, as the body of Christ, call out loudly, in open prayer, together, to the entombed soul within our chests.

We know that God always hears us, but we pray aloud together that we, as the body of Christ, may hear ourselves in human terms. Our spoken words are electrical impulses in the brain of God, jumping across synapse after synapse.

“How then should we pray,” other than praying the Our Father, as Jesus so graciously demonstrated? We then should pray in five additional ways:

1. We should pray by simply existing. God knows our heart.

2. We should pray by focusing our hearts on God in silence as often as possible.

3. We should pray by talking with God aloud, alone, where no one but He can hear us. This brings God into a sacramental vibration with our bodies, and the privacy avoids the inferior reward of “praying on street corners, like the hypocrites.”

4. We should pray together, aloud or in silence, that we as the body of Christ — the crowd — might sacramentally come to believe and experience that God sent his only son to save us from despair and death.

5. We should pray with our actions. “Do you want to be shown, you foolish fellow, that faith apart from works is barren?” (James 2:20)

How else should we pray?


2 thoughts on “Five Additional Ways to Pray

  1. I’ve been thinking a lot about prayer recently. Does it even do any good? I know we are called to pray, but why? I’ve come to some conclusions with all that, but in response to your “how” question, you seemed to cover everything. Most of my prayers happen in bed, in the shower or while driving. Sometimes I pray in a community of people. Sometimes I pray in my head. Sometimes I pray out loud. Sometimes I pray through song. I think He’s concerned less on how we do it, but that we are indeed doing it.

    • Yeah, Holly. You touch on some great opportune times to pray. Down times, habit times. Times when we are already perfectly poised to focus on God. We can use those times to hang out with God.

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