We Get a Little Crazy

The moment a faithful starts citing science as somehow being in agreement with his faith in any respect, he loses the argument and exposes his faith’s underlying vulnerability. Science is fickle, changing daily according to the latest data. Look at the FDA’s strange positional shifts on nutrition for example. Seems chicken is worse than cigarettes, or something. (It’s “or something“.) Science isn’t wrong, but its findings are only as reliable as the humans who believe they are serving it. Pinning faith to science is a fast track to despair. So what, do we renounce science? Obviously not. We just make ourselves schizophrenic. Be of two minds. Hey, it’s a solution. You got a better idea? I’m game to hear it. Until then, I hold to Seal’s outlook: We’re never gonna survive (spiritually), unless we get a little crazy.


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