“The Faith of Science” by Brendyn Rucker

An online friend, Brendyn Rucker, has this — and more — to say about science, religion, and their proper magnification according to him:

No other narrative spreads itself so vastly across our existence than that of broken man trying to be made whole.

That is what religion aims to point to—the brokenness within us all.

In our haste to find the missing piece, we’ve elevated religion far above it’s value. Much in the same way we’re doing with science.

Read it:



2 thoughts on ““The Faith of Science” by Brendyn Rucker

  1. But if religion is open-minded and scientific, why should it not be the most intense focus of one’s life, or a society’s? Is the object of worship unworthy of such intensity by virtue of being one of faithful?

    • I think it’s up to the individual to decide, based on everything they encounter: words of church leaders, family traditions, personal philosophy, the “gut feeling”, and so on. What matters here, and what I hope the reader takes home as the main point, is that Bendyn Rucker is offering a perspective that may not have been encountered by the reader previously. Tis good to know What’s Out There.

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