On Lying

If you ever want to know how I feel about being lied to, just ask any of my friends who have lied to me. They’re still my friends, and they still lie to me as most humans do, but I never hesitate to drop an anvil on their mistaken belief that I’ll play along. I’m a real jerk about it, actually.

Honesty: A Sick Obsession?

Why am I so obsessed with the truth? Oh, I don’t know. Must be something wrong with me. I grew up in a broken home. I didn’t get enough vitamin C. Never threw the salt over my left shoulder when I wished upon a star. Now? Just can’t stomach lies. Somebody help me, I’m addicted to the straight dope.

I Lie All the Time

I lie too, by the way. I hate it when someone calls me out on it, too. I probably hold it against them as if it’s somehow their fault I was lying. The ego is a dumbass, what can I say.

Bite Your Lying Friend’s Head Off

Maybe everyone should be less tolerant about these games we all play. Maybe we should all start being afraid of being rejected by each other when we lie, instead of being afraid of rejection when we level with each other. See, me, if you tell me the truth, I can work with that. Yeah, you’re taking a big risk when you tell me the truth about, say, something bad you did, but I already know humans are depraved, evil sons of bitches at times. I’m not young enough to be surprised anymore when I find out that someone did something vile. Instead I’m like, oh, okay, well then, I guess you suck and now I’m angry with you for sucking so bad. Stop that and I won’t be angry anymore. Keep doing it and I might tell you to get out of my life. Better that way. Less painful for everyone if we face the consequences and get it over with.

By the Way…

Lies of omission are lies. If you fail to mention something you know damn well someone would demand to know about if they knew there was something relevant for them to know, you’re lying. Just because you’re not talking doesn’t make you honest. “But you never asked” is a manipulative, cowardly, and damnable plea.

Humans Are Angels

Our horrible sides are part of us just as much as our beautiful sides are a part of us. Sometimes we’re these wonderful, gorgeous creatures capable of astounding acts of self-sacrifice on behalf of others. We create things that boggle the mind and bring divine life to the heart of us. Most of the time we’re just breathing. Neutral, like.

What. We Can’t Be Both?

Do you realize how many brain cells we have? Like, zillions. There’s room in there for heaven and hell alike.

The Truth Ends Some Relationships

Realizing we can be both good and evil, it shouldn’t be a problem if we reveal we did something bad. Yeah, maybe it’ll result in a cutting off of relations. But so what? I’d rather have honest alienation than pretend relationships.

Your Friend Is Not a Drug

Ideally I’d most prefer honest relationships. I’ll take that any day. This is all assuming we’ve got the guts for real love. It ain’t always pretty and it don’t always feel good, but is that what friendships, relationships, and family are for — feeling good? I could get good feelings from hard drugs if I wanted to. I don’t need people for that. Why take on the extra baggage of having to deal with a fellow living, breathing sack of meat, if feelings are all I’m after?

Lying Kills You Immediately

The truth doesn’t feel good. It just is. Like the ground you walk on. Like gravity. Like the freezing and boiling points of water. It’s a law, not of nature, but of morality. In human affairs, morality is a real force in our lives. When we lie, it’s tantamount to hiding, which in turn is tantamount to ceasing to exist in the world of human affairs. It removes us artificially from the social forces that are always in play. We forfeit our place in any group we wish to be a part of — and make no mistake, even the most cynical among us wish to belong to a group or set of groups, deep down.

Truth Equals Life

When we tell the truth, we expose our naked minds to the consequences of telling the truth. In truth, we exist. In truth, we are participating in life, not squandering it while the time on our capped lifespan tick-tocks away, never to be retrieved. There are do-overs in life, but only when we do it honestly.

Don’t Worry, You’re Going to Lie

We will fail again and again in our quest to tell the truth. But sometimes — if we remind each other over and over — we will prevail over the living death of lying.

A Poem

To lie is to hide
Is to cease to exist
In this world — is to walk
In the land of the dead

To the hiss
Of the hour

To true is to stand
In the light and to live
And to live and to live
Every day of your life

To the hiss
Of the hour

Some Bible Verses to Scare the B.S. Out of You

A fortune made by a lying tongue is a fleeting vapor for those who seek death.
Proverbs 21:6

But the cowardly, the unbelieving, the vile, the murderers, the sexually immoral, those who practice magic arts, the idolaters and all liars—they will be consigned to the fiery lake of burning sulfur. This is the second death.
Revelation 21:8

Like a maniac shooting flaming arrows of death is one who deceives their neighbor and says, “I was only joking!”
Proverbs 26:18-19


2 thoughts on “On Lying

  1. It’s like my birthday present from, Will. A new blog post! I was so happy to see it! I think my favorite section is the one titled “Honesty: A Sick Obsession”. I agree with the entire post, but that one made me smile, a lot.

    “Ideally I’d most prefer honest relationships. I’ll take that any day. This is all assuming we’ve got the guts for real love.” Ya, real love is all the guts and none of the glory. Or so I’ve found. Because real love means loving the bastards that stabbed you in the heart the first place. Or loving someone who will never reciprocate. And I guess that’s what makes real love so beautiful and powerful. It doesn’t cause bondage, but brings freedom. And when we lie…its putting chains on the person you’re supposed to care about.

    Truth does equal life. That’s the simple facts. Right on.

    Thanks for sharing all this.

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