Tell me about God.

Picture of "God" on Facebook (page username TheGoodLordAbove), worth a "Like" for the humor.

“God” on Facebook, pictured here, is worth a “Like” for the humor. (Click image to visit.)

Ain’t no wrong answer. Is God dead? Is God everything? Does he wear Groucho glasses? Is he your dog? Tell me about God as you know God.

Is he, as a longtime online contact of mine offered, “personal, redeeming, serenity, all”? Is he, as I illustrated here, a bit on the sarcastic side at times?

You can answer here in the comments below

Or you can tell a friend about God. Tell someone you know will take it the right way.

If you prefer to tell your journal about God, privately, do that. I, for one, find it more useful and enjoyable to tell another person about God, but that’s me. Do you.

Or just think about God. What does he look like, smell like? Does he do things, does he be things?

Is he Jesus Christ? Allah? A butterfly? A stinkbug? If you want to get specific like that, go for it. Maybe you just want to invent him your own way, too. That’d be fine.

Maybe you think God is a figment of the human imagination. That’s fine too. Tell me about God.

Me, my idea of God is he’s everything. But again, that’s just me. I also tend to go for the Jesus-as-God thing, but only as an entry point. God talks to me, I talk to him. I call him “him”. I don’t use the uppercase. He lives in my heart. He is my heart. He’s supernatural. He’s an anthropomorphism. He makes the truck go. I tell you this because it’s only fair; if I am to ask you to tell me about God, I should share too.

A picture of the cover of one of my favorite childhood books, Old Turtle—originally subtitled "and the Broken Truth". This lovely watercolor storybook expresses the basis of all my theology.

One of my favorite childhood books, Old Turtle—originally subtitled “and the Broken Truth”. This lovely watercolor storybook expresses the basis of all my theology. Click image to view on Amazon (not an affiliate link.)

Your idea of God should come from you, though. Don’t necessarily argue with me, just tell me your idea of God even if it’s different from mine. Or even if it’s the same as mine. I follow the Old Turtle school of thought: I happen to think everyone’s idea of God is “correct” in that he encompasses everything and everyone, including our thoughts (whatever thoughts are, anyway.)

It’s good to talk about God. It tends to bring the good vibes. It tends to heal and set things right.

And lest we forget to laugh:

Screen capture of another "God" on Facebook, Jan. 2012

Another “God” on Facebook c. Jan. 2012. Props to McOwlerson for the screen capture. (Click image to view hilarious details.)

One thought on “Tell me about God.

  1. Holy, complex, limitless understanding, full of compassion, merciful, righteousness, God is love (love however is not God), unchanging, involved, completely aware, empathizing with us, interested in us, constant, reconciling all things unto Himself.

    “Before God manifested Himself, when all things were still hidden in Him… He began by forming an imperceptible point; that was His own thought. With this thought He then began to construct a mysterious and holy form… the Universe.”
    -Albert Pike

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