Christianity: Am I Doing It Right?

Daily Affirmations for the Christian Soul


4 thoughts on “Christianity: Am I Doing It Right?

  1. So good. Simple. True. It’s often how we live though, right? In the same vein, we assume that God doesn’t love me if I can’t find the closest parking spot at the grocery store, or if I get pulled over for speeding, or any other plethora of scenarios that doesn’t appear to be “blessings”, but confirmations that I must have done something to remove God’s love.

    • We do indeed live that way at times, Holly. It seems the keyword at play underneath it is “ego”. We congratulate ourselves for having “chosen wisely” a la Indiana Jones choosing the carpenter’s cup when things go well for us. As for the reverse — believing we must be at fault somehow when things go badly — that God is “punishing” us in some small way (bad parking spot, getting pulled over, etc.) — I hadn’t thought about that angle! Nice one.

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