Prudence. Temperance. Justice. Fortitude.

I’m inventing a new morning routine to improve my mind, body, and soul. I’ll be doing pushups in sets numbering multiples of four, saying aloud with each pushup the four cardinal virtues: “Prudence. Temperance. Justice. Fortitude.” Sort of a self-administered Classical/Christian boot camp brainwashing exercise. Feel free to plagiarize the idea for yourself if you think it will benefit you.

The idea to do this occurred to me while listening to a recording of C.S. Lewis’ Mere Christianity, a reasoned, reasonable, layman’s explanation of Christianity. The book is based on a series of BBC radio talks given during World War II. You can listen to the entire recording here (5 hrs, 49 min.)

The virtues could be alternately named Good Judgment, Restraint, Fairness, and Courage. Or Street Smarts, Walking the Middle Path, Honor, and Guts. Name your synonyms. Whatever your preferred verbiage, they strike me as a useful foundation for living a moral life as a person who is supposed to act like a grown man.


One thought on “Prudence. Temperance. Justice. Fortitude.

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