Whatever brings you peace, that’s the right way.

I’ve got the Christ figure, but do I really need it? Yes, I really need it. But do you?

Is it really completely necessary to have the Christ, or a deity of any kind, or supernatural thinking of any kind, to find peace? Hell if I know. But if you find a way to discover the cool, refreshing feelings of peace that I’m going through right now, then your way is the right way.

If you have to split the atom in half again and again until there’s nothing left or you discover the innermost secrets of the universe, and this process brings you peace, then so be it.

If you have to go through all types of mental gymnastics, self-deception, and double-talk to find peace, then so be it.

If you have to embrace a cultural construct like Jesus the Christ or Yahweh or Mohammed or the Greek gods or the way of the Buddha, then so be it.

If you get it from yoga, so be it. If you get it from waving the flag of the country you happened to be born in, so be it.

I do not care how you find it. I just hope you find it, and I hope the experience is real and complete and without any reservations.

More to the point, I hope peace finds you. For me, it found me. I did not find it. It just kind of happened. I could offer no more resistance. Even the desire to resist was just…gone. Some call that a spiritual awakening.

May your peace be true, and may you be true to it. For my part, I offer my fellow human beings what I call a “prayer” to an imaginary being I call the “Christ”, in whose name I was “healed” a few days ago, and in whose name I express my gratitude.

A prayer you can recite aloud right now, if you wish: “Dear God, I come to you with respect in my heart. I am at war within myself. My ego is not strong enough anymore to go on fighting. I am waving the white flag. I submit to your unstoppable advance and accept the gift of peace you have been gently offering me all my life. I ask also that you see other people put down their arms and surrender, so that they too can experience this indescribable free gift. Props to your son Jesus the Christ. In silence and without expectation I await your reply. Amen.”


2 thoughts on “Whatever brings you peace, that’s the right way.

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