What Christ Stole From Me

I gave up nothing. Nuh-thinnng, you hear? I’m still the merciless examiner of worlds. I am the infinite splitter of the atom, the teller of pain, the logic-enslaved tool of scientific possibility that I always was. I did not have to trade any of that in. Nothing was taken away. Something was merely added, and that something is many, many things all rolled up into one convenient word: Spirit.

I didn’t have to sign on the dotted line or pledge allegiance to the United Morons of Bill O’Reilly. Evolution? Still got it. Psychology, phenomenology, check, check. Gays are fine by me. Still liberal in all the wrong ways, still conservative in all the wrong ways, still a thorn in your complacence. Dukes up, smirk on my face and a shoulder shrug.

Still think peace is a great idea.

Christians done wrecked their own name; I only pray I as a follower won’t add to that ongoing PR disaster. Bear with me as I hemorrhage enthusiasm through these early days, okay? I promise to keep a severe check on any platitudes and clichés that might spring to mind.

I ain’t gonna do Christ’s name wrong by dumbing myself down. Not a chance.


One thought on “What Christ Stole From Me

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