Be Honest: You’re Imperfect, and That’s Fine

We need more honest Christians. Christ is the bomb, and Christians are fine by me. I stand with them, and I roll with the Christ. But I will never. ever. turn my back on honesty.

We humans are both secular and spiritual in nature. If you ever meet a Christian who gives you the impression he’s never experienced doubt, he’s lying. Most of life is not spent thinking about God this, Jesus that. Nope. Not even a priest thinks that way. It’s impossible. You have to worry about stocking up on toilet paper and paying your speeding ticket. You’re a man, you’re an animal, an organism, and you are not thinking about Jesus most of the time, even if you’re, like, the greatest Christian ever. Maybe you can claim Jesus is your pilot when you’re going through the motions of your life — I believe that’s possible — but you ain’t no saint. No one is.

So take it from a new follower of Christ: I’m pretty sure that if any self-described Christian seems too Christian to be true, he probably is. So don’t worry about measuring up. Don’t compare yourself to other followers. Stop obsessing about being the perfect Christian. There’s only ever been one perfect being, according to our tradition, and you are not it.

All you are required to do is accept the Infinite Love offered to you by the Awesome Presence, and you’re golden.

(Note: Just as with all my posts, this is not gospel. This is Will. Hi. I have human thoughts. They came from the brain God gave me.)


One thought on “Be Honest: You’re Imperfect, and That’s Fine

  1. This post touches on 2 things I’ve been thinking about recently.

    #1) Being genuine. I hate fake. I can smell it on people. It’s not only a turn off, but a complete repellent in my opinion. I struggle with making faces at those people when they talk to me. The face that says, “You smell like the bullshit you are spewing.”

    #2) When we compare ourselves to others, we are telling God that He didn’t do a good job on us, but that He made someone “better”. We’re just the scraps left over after make the garment. I was watching my teens in youth group last night, and one 13-year old girl in particular. We were singing together and I could see her scoping out the older girls next to her. I could almost read her mind as she compared looks, clothes, attitude, etc. And it broke my heart, because it reminded me of teenage Holly. Hell, 2 years ago, Holly. The Holly that would look at other girls, other Christians and say that I wished I could be more like them.

    But God made me, me. Emotional. Dramatic. Silly. Vulgar. Unfiltered. Lavish. Encouraging, Holly. And the way He pieced me together is unique. I’m meant to be me. And you are meant to be you. Wonderful you. We’ve got to stop doing the comparing game.

    I see it like this. We’re all puzzle pieces. Each puzzle piece has a connection spot and a connector spot. I add to you and you add to me. That’s beautiful. And lovely. And exactly what the Body is supposed to be.

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